Get to know our all-star team

The staff at our office truly enjoy their jobs and and working together -- it's evident in all of our interactions together. That translates directly to an environment that puts our patients at ease and makes them feel welcome. The camaraderie we've built with each other over the years isn't easily replicated, which is why our existing patients are the greatest source  or new patient referrals for our office!


Dr. Keating - Our Captain

Dr. Keating calls the plays and executes the home runs. She is a graduate of Tufts University,  The University of Maryland School of Dentistry and a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.  Dr. Keating has seen many smiles in her over 20 years of practice.  Before coming to Marshfield, she got her start in Texas as a hospital dentist, and then traveled to Germany to keep the troops smiling for four years. She’s proud to be the captain of this all-star team.


Eileen: The Playmaker

Dental assistant and leading in assists, Eileen makes each dental appointment a home run. She can be counted on to get you from first-base to home plate before the ball hits the ground. Eileen is a dog lover and funny without missing a beat...she's a grand slam coach who can run all the bases.


Sue: Our Catcher

You can't get past home plate without an enthusiastic hello and a heartfelt goodbye from Sue.  Ask her for help with insurance or any sports statistic-- she is the real life Watson.


Jere: Miss Tall International 2000

Jere is a hygienist hailing from the University of Washington, and a former resident of Aurora, Colorado. Even though she continues to root for the Denver Broncos, we accept (love!) her because of her periodontal finesse and systems she has developed in the office. She is also a wonderful cook and teacher of culinary arts. Thankfully for us, she both cooks (food) and cleans (teeth) extraordinarily well.


Denise – The Clutch Player

Although you may only see Denise here one day a week, she is full time in spirit. Always willing to pitch in, she's our DH, and also a Dental Hygenist. Denise loves to work with miniatures, but she has a huge heart - she is the Big Papi of our team.

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Kristen - Shortstop

Kristen is the shortstop of the office; she may be our lead hygienist but she always helps out where needed. Kristen is passionate about dental hygiene and is devoted to the best quality of care for her patients. She graduated from Forsyth Dental Hygiene program at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in 2006. She lives in Plymouth with her husband Chris and 2 sons Logan and Owen.  Kristen loves being at the beach, traveling, and hanging with family and friends.

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